Tanzania gofment sama 25% tax ontop wigs

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Tanzania finance minister don sama 25% tax ontop evri wig wey dem bring come from obodo oyibo and 10% tax on di wigs wey dem make for di kontri.

Dis move na to helep di kontri raise more moni.

Finance minister Philip Mpango announce say di new measure go take effect from di beginning of next month.

Wigs wey dey mostly come from outside Tanzania, dey common among women wey dey wear dem for di kontri.

Di cheapest wig dey currently sell around $4 but dem fit increase to $130 with dis new tax.

No be small vex dey vex women for di kontri as plenti of dem enta Whatsapp groups to complain say gofment dey punish dem.

Mpango also end di removal of value added tax wey dem bin place on sanitary towels. Im say na because consumers no dey benefit from di lower price as businesses no reduce dia price wen den bin comot di tax.

Oda taxes wey don increase na 35% tax on chocolate and biscuits wey be 25% before.

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