Maths, Chemistry, oda subjects wey pipo feel say no epp dem for life

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For most Nigerian secondary schools, Mathematics and English na by force subjects weda di student na arts, science or commercial student.

Because of dis rule, students dey do both subjects wey dem like and di ones wey dem no too dey enjoy.

BBC Pidgin bin ask on top dia Facebook page which subject wahala pipo pass for school wey neva add any value for dia life so far. Plenti Nigerians comment say na Mathematics dem find to be di most useless subject wey wahala dem pass for school.

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Image example Mathematics na di main subject wey most pipo say dey give dem headache pass

Omos Godsown Imarhiagbe comment say na History wahala am pass. She write say, "Too many dates and years to cram."

Nandom Wuyep write say, "Chemistry bin taya me becos of di teacher. Any time she dey teach, she go deh yawn like sey she wan swallow evribodi for class, and many times ,her eyes go red like sey she and di author of di Chemistry text book just finish quarrel."

For some odas like Kindness Alozie, dem feel say notin come out from some subjects wey dem bin do for school like 'Radio Communications and Electronics'.

So why schools dey force pikin to do subjects wey dem no like?

Nigerian Educationist Adedimeji Sulaimon tell BBC Pidgin say students especially for di senior secondary level suppose dey free to choose only subjects wey dey related to dia field of study.

Im argue say no subject suppose dey compulsory because most times, those kain subjects no dey get any value for di field wey di student dey pursue.

Oga Sulaimon charge gofment make dem review di entire educational system and curriculum for di kontri.

Ngozi Ilondu wey be writer get experience for dis mata as na somethin wey she struggle wit for school

She tell BBC Pidgin say all subjects dey important especially wen dem still dey secondary school level.

"But di problem be say, schools dey miss out di part wia dem suppose let students understand di usefulness of those subjects for real life... E go easy for students to connect wit am if dem know"

Ilondu wey bin hate school well-well wen she small because of how she some teachers dey do and how stressful school bin dey, don begin ginger students wey no too like school to dey pay more interest through her book 'Chronic School Hater'.

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Image example 'Mathematics no suppose be by-force subject for senior secondary level'

Madam Ilondu no too like Maths wen she small but she say wen she bin meet one teacher wey help her understand Maths, she come dey good wit di subject and e dey helep her for her daily life. Dis, according to her, na how important e dey to make sure say students fit relate wit di subjects wey teachers dey teach dem.

For subject like Maths wey be by-force subject for all levels of secondary school, Ilondu advise gofment make dem adjust di school curriculum for di kontri so dat once pikin don finish Junior Secondary, e no go need do Maths again except say na science or commercial student.

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