DSS social media crackdown no get anytin against free speech

Buhari don appoints Yusuf Bichi as new DSS oga Image copyright DSS

Department of State Services (DSS) for Nigeria don cut warning give pipo especially ontop social media to stop hate speech wey fit divide di kontri.

Tok tok pesin for DSS Peter Afunanya wey comot dis for statement on 12 June, tell BBC Pidgin say di kain tins wey dem go torchlight na comments from pipo wey dey tok anytin wey fit bring gbege come one group of pipo or ontop di kontri as a whole.

Those wey no hear word and still kontinu to tok tins wey fit cause ethnic violence go face DSS arrest and court case.

Oga Afunanya say everibodi know wetin pesin go tok wey fit set "bonfire" for kontri like Nigeria wey get different different ethnic groups. And e give some example of dat kain tok

"When pipo begin tok about ethnic superiority... say dem beta pass odas or when pipo dey raise false accusation about one group against anoda and dey use war to fear pipo," Afunanya bin tell BBC.

Di DSS believe say na dis kain ethnic superiority tok na im dey lead to wars wear many dey die inside. And history don show say e dey happun all ova di world.

Oga Afunanya say dia own investigation show say most times even, no be di main pipo for socio-political groups na im dey spread dis kain tok for social media.

"Some pipo go just sidon for dia house, and because dem carri fone and laptops for hand, begin write dis tins and send out, to create tensions, to create fear... in di minds of di pipo"

Image copyright Channels TV
Image example Ogunye say DSS statement fit put sand sand for di garri of anyone wey dem don already catch and dey face prosecution

"E no good for the nation," Afunanya bin tok.

But pipo say dis kain tin na gofment way of stopping free speech from di common man. But DSS reject dis accusation say e go be "shame" if anybodi think am like dat.

Ogbonge Nigerian lawyer Jiti Ogunye wey show for one programme ontop Channels TV on di day afta di DSS statement, believe say di security agency fit use wetin dem tok to affect any court case wey dey ground. Because e fit make pipo believe say dem guilty before di court case finish.

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