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Sudan's military leaders urge fresh talks

Will Ross

Africa editor, BBC World Service

The head of the ruling military council in Sudan has called on the opposition protest movement to resume peace talks.

In a speech on state television, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan urged the Forces for Freedom and Change and all political powers to hold talks with the military council.

It is not clear if they are ready to resume dialogue, as there has been deep mistrust of the military rulers since security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters two weeks ago.

Doctors said more than 120 people were killed. The authorities said 61 died.

Sudanese security forces pictured on 18 June 2019.
There has been international outcry at Sudan's deadly crackdown on opposition protesters

Morsi was killed -Turkey's president

BBC World Service

Mohammed Morsi
Egypt's former president collapsed in court on Monday

Turkey's president says he'll try to ensure that the Egyptian government faces trial in an international court over the death of ousted President, Mohammed Morsi.

He collapsed and died while on trial in a Cairo court for spying.

"Morsi was killed, he did not die of natural causes," Turkey's leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, contradicting Egypt's public statements on the death.

Concerns have been raised by the UN and others about the conditions of Mr Morsi's detention, and his access to medical care.

Egypt has accused its critics of trying to "politicise" what it says was "a natural death".

Mr Erdogan had close ties with Mr Morsi before he was deposed by the military six years ago.