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How does race affect entrepreneurs in the tech space?

BBC Radio 5 Live

Dami Hastrup
Dami Hastrup

There has been a big drop in the proportion of new entrepreneurs that come from minority backgrounds, which has fallen to its lowest level since 2011, according to a study from Aston University and Natwest.

Dami Hastrup who founded Moonhub, a VR-training company, said it is "potentially" harder to be a black entrepreneur.

"There's definitely a wider discussion to be had in terms of support networks for founders and directors from ethnic minorities," he told Wake Up to Money.

But the 25-year-old said his age had also been "quite an interesting factor", especially in a boardroom full of older people.

He said being black "could have an impact or could have an effect" but in in the tech space, he thinks potential customers were more concerned about whether the product works.

"Because of that," he said, "race impacts less than you would initially think."

The British Library doesn't just loan out books

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Known for its priceless collections of manuscripts and historical documents, the world's largest library is expanding a service which offers free advice to start-ups and small businesses. The BBC's Elizabeth Hotson reports.

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