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Huawei packages being misrouted by FedEx

Chinese authorities intend to investigate several incidents in the last month where packages containing Huawei smartphones have failed to be delivered to their intended destinations in the US.

One of the packages was intended for PC Magazine in the US, which wanted to review Huawei's latest P30 Pro smartphone.

PC Magazine ask its UK writer to send over the phone from London to its US office in New York, but it was returned to sender, and the magazine was told that the writer was not allowed to do this because of a "US government issue" with Huawei and the Chinese government.

FedEx has apologised, saying that the packages were not delivered due to an "operational error".

It added that it would continue to deliver all products made by Huawei to US addresses, with the exception of Huawei addresses and other partner addresses that had been placed on a US national security blacklist.

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